We are extremely pleased to announce that the Futurepump SE1, launched at the Solar Off-grid forum in Nairobi earlier this year, is now available globally through our network of distributors and direct from the Futurepump factory.

The Futurepump SE1 was created because of customer demand for a more affordable but high-quality and long-lasting irrigation pump.

Until now, the affordable options for smallholder farmers wanting to irrigate one acre have been limited. Farmers have had to use ‘cheap’ petrol pumps that lock them into high ongoing costs for fuel and maintenance or try other cheaper options that break quickly or require lots of manual labour. There has not been a solution for smallholder farmers at the right price point, that offers reliable, easy, and long-lasting irrigation to see their one-acre farms flourish all year round.

This is why we are excited to offer the Futurepump SE1 with an RRP of $330*. A high-quality surface water pump designed to meet the needs of the smallholder farmer on a budget.

The Futurepump SE1 in a field of kales with the 60 W PV panel to its left

The quality and attention to detail we are known for is apparent in the Futurepump SE1. We have built on the knowledge and success of our other solar water pumps, and with extensive R&D, have been able to deliver the Futurepump SE1 for an affordable price without compromising on quality.

Joining our range of simple and robust solar irrigation pumps, the Futurepump SE1 comes with 5 years full warranty and remote technical support.

Ideal for one-acre farmers, the Futurepump SE1:

  • Pumps up to 1,800 litres per hour
  • Has zero fuel costs
  • Has spare parts and tools provided in the box, free of charge
  • Is compatible with sprinklers, drip, hose and storage tanks

All these save you valuable time and money on your farm. And you can make money whist the sun shines.

All Futurepump solar pumps are manufactured, from scratch, in our factory in India. This means you can be reassured of a quality product and a contactable team. If you are interested in purchasing the Futurepump SE1 from one of our approved distributors, or direct from the factory please follow these links:

*Please note that the RRP of $330 is for pump only and is subject to taxes and charges