Keeping relevant with sustainable development goals – Solar powered irrigation

Sustainable Development Goals and Solar Irrigation

Blog from our new M&E Intern, Collins Otieno. Collins will be with Futurepump for the next few months assisting with field visits and data collection from our customers.

Hi, I am Collins Otieno, a graduate from Moi University. I studied Agricultural Economics and currently I am an M&E intern at Futurepump Kenya. I have been with Futurepump for a few weeks now and I have already learnt a lot about small scale-farming.

Futurepump activities are directly linked to six sustainable development goals”

Being relevant is something most of us strive for. For me, being relevant in terms of taking part in actions to meet global development strategy goals is important. Being at Futurepump is a great way for me to do this. I understand the company’s activities are very much related to achieving key sustainable development goals (SDGs). In fact, Futurepump activities are directly linked to six SDGs. These include: life on land, fighting poverty, zero hunger, decent work and economic growth, embracing the use of green energy and reliable consumption. By achieving all these we are also able to support other SDGs.

Futurepump is helping small-scale farmers fight poverty by increasing their crop production. The research that I have been able to do so far has shown me that most farmers who acquired the solar pump have been able to expand their farms for more production. This is because they are now able to use the pump to get more water to their plants. For example, Vincent, one of our customers, has moved from just relying on the tree nursery for his income, he is now able to earn more from his expansion of vegetable farming. Quite simply, as more land is being put into use, more plants can grow and a more reliable production is achieved. With this increased produce for consumption, it is great to see that this solar pump is contributing to the achievement of the zero-hunger agenda of 2030.

Sf1 solar pump - helping to achieve sustainable development goals

Vincent’s solar pump

The pump does not require any form of fossil fuel or any hard labour, just install it, and it will do the work for you.”

By using a Futurepump solar water pump, we can embrace the idea of clean energy for irrigation. The pump does not require any form of fossil fuel or any hard labour, just install it, and it will do the work for you. Vincent would previously hire a petrol pump for his irrigation, hire labour for the same, buy fuel and have to be there to supervise the whole process. With the SF1 he is now able to save the entire cost of irrigation and time. As his crops get irrigated with the pump, he can complete other activities. This brings about efficiency and economic growth.

As the production increases it is likely to think that it will contribute to other sustainable development goal as well. These include partnership for the goals, sustainable cities and communities, reduced inequalities among nations, combating climate change among others. I am seeing a true relevance of the Futurepump in the attaining the Sustainable Development Goals.

Additional Information: Sustainable Development Goals are a UN Initiative. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), officially known as Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is a set of seventeen aspirational “Global Goals”.