Meet the Team – Helen Davies


Helen Davies

Job title:

Fundraising and M&E Officer

How long have you been at Futurepump?

I was first at Futurepump as an intern for two months in 2014! However, I have been in my current role only since January this year.

Describe a usual day:

I’ll arrive at the office and spend some time checking emails and our social media accounts. Then I will take a look at my to do list and work out my priority for the day! I spend a lot of my time looking into the impact indicators we are collecting and which ones would be useful for us to measure. I then use this data to write funding proposals, progress reports for current funders, marketing etc. (anything I can think of!). I don’t think there really is a usual day at Futurepump, there is always something exciting to get involved in and this changes daily.

What do you like best about working at Futurepump?

The Futurepump family! It sounds a bit cliche but it’s true! Everyone at Futurepump is listened to, any ideas are considered and if anyone needs help with something everyone is so willing to pitch-in and get things done.

I have also always loved the solar water pump technology! To me it just seems like such an obvious solution to a challenge many small-scale farmers are facing – it is fantastic to be able to work with it and measure the impact we are having.

Favourite hobby when not working:

Anyone who knows me will know that this could be a long list! I am always rushing off at the end of the working day to play touch rugby, bake a cake, finish off artwork for an exhibition, play with steam engines…my favourite hobby is simply to be doing something new and see where that takes me!

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