Meet The Team – Collins Oluoch

Job title:
M&E Assistant

How long have you been at Futurepump?
I joined Futurepump in September 2016 as an Intern and now it is slightly more than a year being here.

Describe a usual day:
Every day in the morning I check in the system for the new customers and ensure that their solar water pump serials are updated in the all our monitoring platforms. After that I make a follow up call to know what they were using for irrigation before, why they got our pump and what they expect from our pump.

After that I conduct qualitative and quantitative research with customers using our solar pump on their farm yields to see how the solar pump impacting their lives. This is the most interesting part of work as I always enjoy relating with customers and getting to know their experience with our solar pump. I also do loan follow up with our customers to ensure everybody on loan continues with monthly payments.

What do you like best about working at Futurepump?
What I like best about work at Futurepump is meeting these farmers who have all the reasons to smile due to positive change in income and yield after using the pump, this makes me feel that we are changing lives, which is a great thing.

But most importantly is meeting the customers who are able to give us a challenge on what they feel is lacking in our solar pump and making us cruck our minds on ways to improve our product. This inspires me a lot!

Favourite hobby when not working:
I love listening to music and watching soccer.