Perking up solar energy

An update from our distributor in Uganda – SolarNow

Perking up solar energy – SolarNow partners with NUCAFE to promote solar irrigation to coffee farmers

Did you know that Uganda is the 8th largest producer of coffee in the world and irrigating this crop can significantly increase yields? This is a fantastic opportunity for solar irrigation and we are pleased to announce a partnership with Uganda’s biggest coffee union, NUCAFE. SolarNow and NUCAFE will promote the Futurepump through a series of demonstrations in Masaka, one of Uganda’s largest coffee production areas. This partnership is just the start, we are keen to work with other suppliers to accelerate sales further.

SolarNow and Futurepump

SolarNow piloted the Futurepump in 2015 – it was our first agricultural product! We then became Futurepump’s distribution partner in 2016. Since then, sales have gone up and up. So far, in 2017 we have sold double the number of pumps compared to 2016. Our increased in-house experience with the pump, marketing through Facebook and referrals through our growing pump customer base has led to hundreds of sales leads.

SolarNow image with a solar water pump

We aim to bring in complementary agricultural products to enable farmers to make the most of their Futurepump. Our latest campaign offers free hybrid vegetables seeds, advisory services and training to farmers buying the pump this July and August!

SolarNow is a solar distribution and finance company, headquartered in Uganda. Through 45 branches in Uganda and 1 in Kenya SolarNow has reached 20,000 clients and their families.

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Author: Helen Davies