Al Gore: “We are going to win”

It has been an inspiring few months. Mainstream media may have you believing it’s all doom and gloom, and that renewables and climate change policy is going backwards? The truth is there is an unstoppable revolution going on, despite some very shaky support from policy makers.

Futurepump’s small part in this was recognised at the Ashden Awards in June, where we were honoured to receive an award alongside other trailblazers within the renewables industry.

Speaking at the ceremony, Former Vice President, Al Gore found reasons for optimism “there is now in our world a sustainability revolution, it has the breadth and magnitude of the industrial revolution, but the speed of the digital revolution.” And referring to the US withdrawals from the Paris Climate change agreement, Al was adamant that the Paris agreement is actually stronger than ever. “No one person can stop the climate change movement or sustainability revolution, we are going to win.

Ashden and Al Gore
Left: Futurepump’s Charles accepting the Ashden Award for Energy and Water Right: Al Gore making his keynote speech

Meanwhile, in the UK, records were broken with wind and solar helping to meet more than half of the country’s midday 19.3 GW electricity demand.

The Indian Government has announced a vast increase in solar development and has dictated that 100% of cars sold there will be powered by electricity by 2030.

Australia – known for its coal economy – revealed that 70% of homes were powered from renewables last financial year.

Here at Futurepump we are more fired up than ever to do our bit for the solar surge, and bring solar irrigation to more people around the globe. Next week our factory will be shipping our 2,500th solar pump, and we’ve calculated our pumps have saved over 100 tCO2e saved in the last year from avoided fossil fuel pump emissions. Thanks for being with us on this journey!

Photo credits: IWMI and ; Ashden

Author: Helen Davies