Pre-register to invest in the UK’s leading solar irrigation company

We’re proud to announce that, for the first time in our company history, we are offering anyone the chance to invest in Futurepump from as little as £10.

And we’re giving you the opportunity to pre-register to get exclusive access to the private investment window.

This investment round will support our mission to bring life-changing solar irrigation technology to millions of farmers across the world.

Before you sign up to investing in our company, it’s important that we give you all the information you need. We’ve put together a post here, to explain who we are, and why we think you’ll want to join us in this exciting next stage of our story.

Note: Unfortunately, we cannot advertise investment opportunities to people living in the United States, Canada or Japan, or any other country where it would be unlawful for pitches to be advertised. Please don’t register with us if you are a resident of one of those countries.

* Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please Invest Aware.*

Who is Futurepump, and what do we do?

Futurepump is a manufacturer of solar powered irrigation pumps for smallholder farmers. We empower farmers to improve their incomes through use of our reliable, efficient, and cost-effective water pumps, which enable them to grow more productive crops without relying on increasingly unpredictable rainfall.

Across the tropics, there are over 500 million smallholder farmers, many of whom are struggling to irrigate their land every day. Generally, irrigation technologies available to these farmers are not fit for purpose. They are not economically, socially or environmentally sustainable. Our patented solar powered water pumps are robust and simple, they are built for the harsh conditions on rural farms and they are built to last. They combine time honoured engineering with innovative solar energy and remote monitoring technologies.

We started commercial sales in 2016, and since then sales have grown to over 8,000 pumps now sold. We design and manufacture our solar pumps ourselves, allowing us to innovate much faster than our competitors while retaining control over manufacturing quality. We’re so confident with our in-house manufacturing that we offer a 5 year warranty.

Futurepump factory in Rajkot, India

Futurepump is also leading the sector in smart, data-driven innovations, with the aid of our in-house datalogger that comes built-in on most of our pumps. These dataloggers collect valuable data from the field to help us and our partners answer key questions on patterns of usage and wear. A huge part of our company ethos is centred around sustainable practice, and we’re driving change by sharing our data with academic partners in the interest of data-driven policy.

So why open an investment round now?

We’ve been selling and scaling for four years now, and we’re just scratching the surface of the addressable market. The global agricultural pumps market size is projected to reach 6.1 billion by 2025 as demand for irrigation rises as climate change brings unpredictable rainfall, floods, and drought. Now is the time to drive down manufacturing and distribution costs and step up our ambitions to reach many more farmers.

Crowdfunding as a means of raising capital really fits with our company culture. We’re so pleased that anyone; customer, neighbour, or avid fan, is able to join us in our bid to support farmers worldwide with sustainable irrigation.

Solar powered water pumps are the solution for affordable, reliable and clean irrigation for these smallholder farmers. The solar pump market in particular is expected to grow to over $1.6bn by 2030 – and we are going to be harnessing this demand to improve lives.

We would love you to be part of our journey. We are not yet live to the public, but we have an exclusive opportunity for you to pre-register to be one of the first to invest in our private round. Pre-registering does not tie you to investment – so if you don’t want to miss out, sign up today.

We must reiterate… Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital, you are not guaranteed any returns from your investment. Please Invest Aware.