From cyclones to climate strikes, what a year 2019 has been

We are coming to the end of the year and the end of a decade! At Futurepump we have been reflecting back on the year through our business and world environmental news.

This year, climate strikes, and other environmental terms have entered our vocabulary and the environment has become more of an unprompted conversation across the globe. In September, Futurepump staff from all over the world joined in with global climate strikes in the ‘UK and Kenya as part of our mission to disrupt ‘business as usual’.

Futurepump sales continue to go global as well, with distributors now in 15 countries across the tropics, from Africa to Asia and Oceania. Throughout these countries, over 7,000 farmers are now reaping the benefits of clean, free energy irrigation. What’s more, with the price of solar PV continuing to fall (an 80% drop in price since 2009!), the outlook for solar looks bright.

Global climate stories

Looking at the news throughout the year, the scale of natural disaster is harrowing. There has been too much water in some places. Cyclone Idai, one of the worst tropical cyclones on record, battered Mozambique and Zimbabwe in March and more recently there has been major flooding and landslides in Kenya as the rains came early. And elsewhere there has been a severe lack of water. South and Central America struggled through 6 months of drought and California and Australia continue to suffer with unprecedented wildfires.

With 2020 being predicted as one of the hottest years on record it can be hard to find a positive. But with increased traction for divestment from fossil fuels, the global climate strike and school strikes continuing and COP26 in planned for Glasgow (Scotland) in November there are many potentially pivotal things to engage with in the year to come.

Cracked soil showing the drought in South and Central America
Cracked dry soils in South America

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We’ve also shared more product information and customer stories on our YouTube channel. Our most popular videos this year tell you all about the Futurepump SF2 solar pump.

Hear from our team and a Futurepump SF2 customer
Futurepump’s Product Manager, Martina, talks you through how the Futurepump SF2 solar pump works

On social media, we continue to share pictures and stories from our customers in the field. Here’s the Instagram story you loved the most! Make sure you take a look at all the great pictures from this year and follow our account for all the stories next year.

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So all that is left for us to do is wish all of our customers and readers all the best for the New Year!

The Futurepump Team