This is not business as usual

On the 20th September 2019, Futurepump staff, alongside another estimated 4 million people across 150 countries made history.

Peaceful protestors, young and old, from businesses and schools, families and colleagues, took to the streets to demand the end to the age of fossil fuels and a change to “business as usual”.

Infinite economic growth and “hockey stick” projection graphs cannot drive our businesses and economies forever. It is simply not sustainable.

This is an opinion that shapes Futurepump’s mission, our relationship with investors and our business model. The planet cannot afford businesses to continue making huge profits and crazy projections when climate change science and increasingly our consciences say this is NOT OKAY.

If you haven’t seen Greta Thunberg’s speech at the UN – watch it now!

As a global company, we have staff in the UK, Kenya and India and distribution partners across Africa and Asia. Many of these places are on the front line when it comes to the effect of climate change. Our distributor in Mozambique was at the centre of Hurricane Idai earlier this year and we always hear stories from the smallholder farmers who are trying to access sustainable irrigation in an attempt to mitigate the impacts of increasingly erratic rainfall. We cannot choose to ignore these stories and remain ignorant – “If not US, who? If not NOW, when?”

Futurepump staff members photographs from climate strikes in Kenya and the UK
Futurepump staff members’ photographs from climate strikes in Kenya and the UK