Water pumps should be able to irrigate for years – as standard

Water pumps put in a lot of hard work on your farm. They need to be able to handle the harsh conditions of mud and sand, being moved and knocked around, and sometimes even running dry.

Water pumps should last a long time too, not break down when you need them most or need replacing after only a few harvests.

They should be an asset on your farm that can be relied upon to irrigate season after season.

Your water pump shouldn’t be letting you down

Do you own a petrol pump? How many times have you had to service it in the last year?

Two, three, four times…?

We’ve seen the frustration that is caused by petrol pumps breaking down frequently and needing a service in town or by a local mechanic, costing not only more of your money to fix but also precious irrigation time.

Leaking petrol pump

Or have you had a complicated part break on a water pump, that simply can’t be fixed. Or if it can be fixed, the costs are so high it becomes cheaper to just replace it?

This is not only wasteful, but these costs are going to add up. So even the cheapest pump is going to cost a lot over a short period of time.

We’ve heard these stories from farmers time and time again and we are not happy about it. We believe farmers should expect more and get more from their water pumps. It is not sustainable, economically or environmentally, to be throwing away and buying new water pumps because they weren’t fit for purpose or not built to last.

Keep irrigating year after year

You may have read in our recent blog that our solar pumps have been through rigorous field testing, getting feedback directly from farmers to inform improvements and designs. This ensures we offer robust, portable and efficient solar water pumps that meet the everyday needs on your farm.

An important part of this work for us is making sure that years after you have purchased your solar pump, it is still irrigating your crops, with easy maintenance and no fuel costs.

Two Futurepump technicians sit with a Futurepump between them and green seedlings in the foreground

And we truly mean this! Each of our solar pumps come with a full 5-year warranty, supported by your local distributor who we train to give you expert support when you need it.

But it is not just about our warranty support. We’ve worked hard to design a robust pump that will keep working for you as well as be easily maintained by you in the field too.

As easy to maintain as a bicycle

While Futurepumps have no problems pumping muddy or sandy water, and will happily run dry without overheating, all water pumps will need maintenance to keep them running at their best. Instead of pretending that this isn’t the case, we’ve worked to make this quick and easy to do.

SE1 solar water pump pumping from muddy water
Futurpeump SE1 pumping from muddy water – no problem!

Futurepump solar pumps have been intentionally designed to be farmer fixable. With simple tools and a few spares (provided with each pump), our solar pumps are straightforward to maintain, and simple servicing can keep your pump running smoothly.

We want you to feel confident in servicing your pump and not have to deal with the frustrations of having to go back and forth to the store.

So, even if we are not there in person, we are always here to help. You can check out our comprehensive support videos on our YouTube channel, which go step by step through some simple maintenance for the pump to keep it working in top condition.

If you do need extra help, as a Futurepump customer, once you’ve registered your warranty you can raise a support case for help from one of our technicians.

It will always remain our priority that you are not left without an irrigation pump – when you invest in a Futurepump solar pump, you’re investing in reliability, durability and peace of mind.

Sound like the solution you’ve been looking for? Get in touch with us today.

Futurepump solar pump range - SF2 and SE1
Our range of solar pumps – SF2 and SE1

At Futurepump we are experts in the manufacture of solar irrigation pumps. We want to help smallholder farmers across the world get access to efficient and reliable water pumps – growing crops sustainably all year round.

You can find out more about our work and wider mission across futurepump.com