Meet the Team – Toby Hammond

Toby Hammond

Job title:
Managing Director

How long have you been at Futurepump?
Since the beginning… it’s about four and a half years now since Q and I began the Futurepump project.

Describe a usual day:
One of the things I love is there is no “usual day” at Futurepump. When I’m in the UK office, it’s often a lot of Skype calls, a lot of emails, and plenty of instant messages with team members. I travel a fair bit, so when abroad you might also find me on a small farm with one of our customers, speaking at a conference, or exploring product improvements with our talented engineering teams in India and the Netherlands.

What do you like best about working at Futurepump?
It’s definitely working with the Futurepump team. We are very lucky to have a bunch of fantastic people who our passionate about our mission. I also really love the diversity of experience, skills and personalities we have involved, we tend to balance each other out and arrive at much better decisions as a result.

Favourite hobby when not working:
I like nothing more than attempting a bit of amateurish and silly DIY with my brother. Now that we both have young families, that’s a rarity though!

Toby Hammond


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