Sharing our experience – Behind the scenes in Uganda and Rwanda

Last month, George, our Head Technician, and I went to visit our colleagues in Rwanda. On the way, we stopped off in Kampala to see our main distributor in Uganda, SolarNow.

We met with SolarNow to see the progress they have made on sales and after-sales support of the SF1 solar pump. We were delighted to find out that over 55 pumps have been successfully installed across Uganda already. These pumps are irrigating tomatoes and bananas, filling ponds and quenching the thirst of livestock from Masaka to Kapchorwa!

Regarding after-sales support, it was great to see that the training we gave last year was successful. The technicians reported that they had been able to easily tackle the few challenges they received from the field. We are always looking for additional ways we can support our valued distributors, so we held a quick refresher training for the technicians. During this training we went over some of the issues they had faced and common user habits.

We also provided new ideas and support to the technicians and sales staff on the issues they were still finding in their way. This included, marketing to the right target group, how to do a full site visit and how to teach the customer what it is possible to use the solar pump for, and what not.

It was really good to catch up with the team. We are looking forward to learning much more about the customers in Uganda and how they are using their solar pumps.

To Rwanda…

After our full day of training, we continued our journey and hopped on a bus to Kigali, Rwanda. Here we spent a few days helping the Futurepump (Rwanda) team, prepare for a new exciting pilot in the area. This involved a visit to the pilot location to determine where the pumps can be best placed.  That’s all we’re saying for now, but look out for more detailed updates on this pilot here in the future!

Suffice to say, George and I had a fantastic time on our road trip! We wish the Futurepump (Rwanda) team all the best with the continued preparation for this pilot and can’t wait to share more about it soon!

Farmer in Rwanda On a farm in Rwanda

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