We’ve just made our 1000th solar pump!

This month sees our 1000th solar irrigation pump rolling off the production line so, we felt it was the perfect time to reflect on our journey over the last four years.

Back in 2012, our solar pump was steam-powered. At the time, the price of photo-voltaic solar panels meant that PV pumps were way beyond the reach of low-income farmers. Then, in 2014, the global price of solar PV started falling rapidly and we realised we needed a change of direction. Now we’re able to offer a much smaller, higher performing, more portable and more robust solar PV-driven pump; all at a price still accessible to smallholders: It’s called the SF1.

For more than two years now, the SF1 has been in daily use by happy customers across Kenya. In that time, we’ve also partnered with some great companies in Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia to distribute the pump in those countries.

SF1 solar pump
The SF1 solar pump

It goes without saying that without the ongoing support of our partners, our funding providers and our loyal customers that none of this would be possible. We are extremely grateful to you all and look forward to working with you into the future.

Because of course, this is still only the beginning! Demand for solar irrigation for sustainable farming is increasing dramatically. We have established a fantastic team and brilliant distribution partners, all of whom are enthusiastic and driven to meet the need for low-cost, clean energy irrigation.

We hope you continue to follow our journey and look forward to more updates soon.

Impact update:

hundreds of small-scale farmers are irrigating their land with clean solar energy.


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Author: Helen Davies