Matthew used to use a treadle pump to irrigate his land, it was slow and labour intensive. The Futurepump SF2 solar water pump has made irrigation easier and his farm more productive.

The installation is very easy, very basic, it takes one minute to set up and there is no maintenance

Meet a farmer: Matthew from Kisumu County, Kenya

Matthew has been farming an acre of land near Kisumu for just over a year – he switched from a manual treadle pump for irrigation to a Futurepump SF2 as the dry season began late last year.

“The major benefit I get with the Futurepump is that it can be used with just one person and the solar, you can continue to do other work at the same time. This makes it much more cost effective in terms of how much water you can get.

My previous treadle pump was much more labour intensive and it slows down the pace at which you can work. If two or three of you are having to irrigate it slows the pace at which you can do other things. But as you use the solar pump, once you’ve connected it the thing will just run and irrigate your farm while you concentrate on other things, it is easier.

Before I could only irrigate one third of my farm because of the labour required but with the solar I will be able to do the whole area and be able to do other things at the same time – this is the benefit of the pump, this is its beauty.

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