Japheth has tried everything from manual labour to petrol pumps. Now the Futurepump SF2 is bringing him water in the dry season.

With the Futurepump
I know I will harvest something good

Meet a farmer: Japheth from Okana, Kisumu County, Kenya

“I used to irrigate with buckets but I could not do much because the bucket capacity is very small. I tried a MoneyMaker pump but it was so labour intensive that I ended up spending much money hiring people just to help me pump the water. I also tried petrol, but I would use 1000 shillings ($10) a day – this cost is too high.

So, if I didn’t have the Futurepump, I think I wouldn’t be here now in the dry season because it is already too hot. But with the Futurepump now I know I will harvest something good.”

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