Ann was fed up with waiting for the rains and the expense of her old electric pump

My dream is to become a vegetable dealer

Meet a farmer: Ann from Nakuru County, Kenya

Ann owns a one acre farm a couple of hours north of Nairobi, Kenya. She grows tomatoes, kales, spinach, managu and a range of other ‘traditional’ vegetables. She has owned a Futurepump solar pump since November 2018 (approximately 4 months at time of interview).

Ann has big plans to expand her production and buy land which would take her to the roadside where she could set up shop and sell her produce. To expand her farm like this she needed to be able to irrigate.

She explained how before the solar pump she just either waited for the rain or used a gravity feed but not from an overhead tank (as she had no pump to get it up there). This limited her production; “Usually in January, February and March I don’t have any vegetables, but this year is good”.

The other option Ann had considered was an electric pump – but it has been an uphill battle with the local power company, and she was just not getting connected. She used an electric pump at another site and saw how expensive the electricity was – she wanted to find a different option.

She came across Futurepump on Facebook and purchased through the local Davis & Shirtliff outlet.

Ann also wants to “go green” where possible and realised that an electric pump would not do that. She praised the Futurepump for being green and economic and maintenance free.

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