We have the capacity to test new and exciting renewable energy products for developing emerging markets.

Our team of technicians in our Kisumu base, as well as across Western Kenya means that we are strategically placed to offer controlled testing and unique user-focused field testing from hundreds of customers.

A Culture Of Innovation

Through our monitoring and evaluation, we are also able to offer key insights and user focus groups to determine the needs of key market segments for a product, as well as assessing the social impact potential.

Our Datacase loggers also offer vital remote monitoring tools that among others show the usage pattern of the product.

Our manufacturing facility in India enables us to scope out potential for production ready units based on feedback from field-tested prototypes.

For more information, please email kinya.kimathi@kijanitesting.com

Advanced Remote Monitoring

We can keep an eye on your pump anywhere in the world to ensure it is operating at optimal levels of efficiency and performance.