Job title:
Sales Representative

How long have you been at Futurepump?
I joined Futurepump in 25th January 2016 working as an administrative assistant and later on joined the sales team in November 2017. It is 2 years since I joined Futurepump.

Describe a usual day:
I normally report to work at 0900 hours. The first thing I do is check on those clients who tried to reach me at night and call them back to attend to their inquiries. As a sales representative I also work on the sales leads that are in the CRM by sending the good leads to our distributors and calling the bad ones to qualify before sending them to the distributors too.

I also attend to calls from various customers making inquiries through phone calls and do an office demo just in case a client comes in to ask for one.

What do you like best about working at Futurepump?
The best I like about working with Futurepump is the the company always gives the customers the first priority. This really motivates the customers and makes them enjoy using the pump.

The other thing I like is the close relationship the company has with its distributors. This makes the distributors feel happy selling the company`s products and we also support the distributors through marketing. It is not that easy to find a company doing the marketing for their distributors and I must say that Futurepump is an exception.

Favourite hobby when not working
Listening to music and watching soccer.