Meet The Team – Paul Ouru

Job Title:
Sales Representative

How long have you been at Futurepump?
Since February 2016

Describe a usual day:
The sound of an early morning alarm signifies another great day, a day full of sales activities, ranging from attending to incoming inquiries to doing some demonstrations to farmers who visit Kisumu office. When the information about the functions of the Futurepump SF1 leaves both parties satisfied I then ask the question When should we deliver one for you? and crowning off every of my sales ”We look forward to doing business with you!”

What do you like best about working at Futurepump?:
Helping the society realize food security and financial stability has been my long term hope. Meeting and working with the Futurepump Team has helped me continuously realize the fruits of this optimism. Through the provision and introduction into the market of an eco-friendly and easy to operate solar water pump, many small-scale farmers have realized continuous harvests irrespective of the season. The end result is an ever smiling farmer!

Favourite hobby when not working:
Playing soccer