Meet the Team – George Ochieng

Job title:
Head Technician

How long have you been at Futurepump?

Since 1st March 2016

Describe a usual day:

Report to work by 9am, clear the pending work log (if any) and receive new job requests from our field technicians (e.g. reports of breakdown). I then action these requests either by calling the customers with a view of solving it via phone instructions or sending out the field technician to the customer. This is done by sending the finance request to the accounts who electronically send the money to the field tech. After this I do the inventory updates (after giving out or receiving the stock) and some days I head out to the field when there is need and for training of the technicians.

What do you like best about working at Futurepump?
Seeing the new technology benefiting someone, the proximity to the management regardless of the positions and openness to contribute your mind with an aim of positive changes. 

Favourite hobby when not working:
Listening to gospel, learning new technologies and travelling.

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