Meet the Team – Flavia Howard

Flavia Howard

Job title:
Country Director, Rwanda

How long have you been at Futurepump?
I first met Toby Hammond in January 2016, and Futurepump (Rwanda) Ltd was founded in September that year.

Describe a usual day:
There’s no typical day – as we’ve only just launched in Rwanda there are so many varied tasks and we’re a small team. It’s an early start if we’re out in the field doing demonstrations or farmer training, otherwise I’m in the office or having meetings with government and other partners. At the moment, we’re really focused on raising our profile and getting pumps out with customers.

What’s do you like best about working at Futurepump?
The challenge of starting something innovative in a brand new country.

Favourite hobby when not working:
Travelling and hiking around Rwanda – and across the region

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