Futurepump is now in Rwanda!

Those who know the green and temperate climate of Rwanda will also likely know its dependence on agriculture. In fact, agriculture accounts for 80% of labour force in the country and 39% of its GDP.

It’s interesting to note though, historically, little of this land has been irrigated. Agriculture is largely seasonal and farmers rely on the rains coming twice a year. In the dry season, many farms are left dry and abandoned. But, if you can break out of the seasonal cycle, this is the most profitable time to be growing!

This is now set to change with increased investment from the Government in irrigation countrywide. Encouraging small-scale irrigation is important as the Government’s target in Vision 2020 for a sustained annual GDP growth (including agriculture growing at 6%) cannot be achieved with rain-fed irrigation alone.

As part of this “irrigation movement” Futurepump (Rwanda), based in Kigali, is all set to bring solar irrigation pumps to Rwanda’s small-scale farmers. Futurepump is the only irrigation supplier approved to work with government that is focusing solely on solar power. The team in Rwanda will be working closely with the Rwanda Agriculture Board, and local businesses and NGOs to distribute the SF1 to farmers across the country.

With the opening of Futurepump (Rwanda) we are pleased to welcome Flavia, Justus, Jimmy, Laura and Cyprien to the team! They are already getting to work on some extremely exciting projects which we will be updating you about soon. Watch this space – the SF1 is coming to Rwanda!

Focusing initially on the Eastern Region, which receives least precipitation in the country, our team will be training farmers on using irrigation effectively and the benefits of solar irrigation in particular.

Want to find out more?

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