Meet the Team – Kinya Kimathi


Kinya Kimathi

Job title:

Distribution Manager

How long have you been at Futurepump?

Almost three years!

Describe a usual day:

I can’t say I have a typical day really, since I have varied responsibilities being in charge of the Nairobi office. I am out in the field doing training for our various partners for at least one week in a month. Outside that, my day will start with an hour session at the gym, then a series of follow up calls to potential/existing clients before leaving for the office. After that I have a late breakfast in the office as I answer my emails and catch up with my work for the day. I’ve been meaning to start swimming in the evenings but the Nairobi traffic always catches up with me ;(

What I like best about Futurepump:

The great, diverse, team

Favourite hobby when not working:

Going hiking or visiting cool new places. Oh and eating!

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