Caxton found the expense of fuel for his petrol pump unbearable. Now he wants to share the benefits of free solar energy for irrigation.

When I realised how expensive petrol pumps really are, I bought a solar pump – it has no recurring costs whatsoever

Meet a farmer: Caxton, from Kitui county, Kenya

Caxton used to spend over Ksh700 ($7) a week on petrol to irrigate his ¼ acre plot near Kitui, Kenya. This irrigation allowed him to grow his small crop of onions, tomatoes and kales but he found the expenditure ‘unbearable’.

One day, Caxton was speaking to a neighbour who owns a Futurepump SF2 and he got interested. He investigated solar pump options and found the Futurepump SE1, suitable for up to an acre of land, the pump was a perfect fit for his needs.

‘What people don’t know is, although petrol pumps are cheap initially, with continued use they become very expensive due to the recurring cost of fuelling. When I figured that out, I bought this solar pump because it has no recurring cost whatsoever.”

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