If you grow vegetables, and have an accessible water source, the SF1 solar irrigation pump can help you

No hand pumping or carrying

The SF1 solar pump will allow you to irrigate more quickly, allowing you and your farm to be more productive

No fuel or maintenance costs

Our pump needs no fuel, so no money needs to be spent on petrol. The simple design means fewer moving parts, and less maintenance

Portable and 24 month warranty

Our solar pump is easy to move around your farm, or to another site. Our 24 month warranty means you have less to worry about

Overview of the SF1 solar pump

  • Pumps up to 12,000 litres per day
  • Performance: 900 litres/hr at 6m, or 2,000 litres/hr at 1m
  • Can lift water 10m
  • Manual backup & USB phone charging socket
  • Detachable 80 Wp solar panel for security
  • Works well with storage tanks, drip systems and sprinklers
  • Robust caged design
  • Two years on-site parts & labour warranty (subject to location)

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Case study: Lilian

Lilian used to use a petrol pump, but it was too expensive to irrigate her farm.

Meet a farmer: Lilian from Kendu Bay, Kenya.

The solar pump is so portable, even just one person can do it!

Lilian has been using an SF1 to irrigate her 1.5 acres of bananas, maize, butternut, groundnut, watermelon and tomatoes. She grows these to feed her family and then any excess is sold at market. Until last year she used a petrol pump to irrigate the land, however, the generator and pipes were so heavy it required 2 or 3 people to help her. Fuel costs were also a problem, at about $8 a week, so when there was a lack of money for fuel they would irrigate manually, with every plant receiving a cup of water. The solar pump now allows her to irrigate 3 times a week easily and cheaply and she has already had a harvest this year much of which went to market for a good price.