The Futurepump SF2

If you grow vegetables, and have an accessible water source, the Futurepump SF2 solar irrigation pump can help you.
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New Features

Works with UP TO 3 solar panels (120W): 3,600 L/hr with 3 panels and 2,200 L/hr with 2.

Peace of mind with improved security and maintenance alerts from built-in smart sensors.

Full Five-Year Warranty

The first and only solar water pump with a full five year warranty.

Be safe in the knowledge that the Futurepump SF2 is built to last and our team is here to support you.

Robust and Portable

Our smallest pump yet, with foldable panels for easy, safe transport.

Keeps working even if you have mud, dirt & grit in your water supply allowing you and your farm to be more productive.

Overview of the Futurepump SF2 solar pump

  • Up-gradable start with 2 panels (80W) and upgrade to 3 (120W)
  • Pumps up to 21,000 L/day (120W)
  • Performance: 3,600 L/hr at 1 m, 2,500 at 6 m (120W)
  • Can lift water 15 m
  • USB phone charging socket
  • Works well with storage tanks, drip systems and sprinklers
  • Robust caged design
  • Five years on-site parts and labour warranty (subject to location)


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Case study: Japheth

Japhed has tried everything from manual labour to petrol pumps. Now the Futurepump SF2 is bringing him water in the dry season.

Meet a farmer: Japheth from Okana, Kisumu County

“I used to irrigate with buckets but I could not do much because the bucket capacity is very small. I tried a MoneyMaker pump but it was so labour intensive that I ended up spending much money hiring people just to help me pump the water. I also tried petrol, but I would use 1000 shillings ($10) a day – this cost is too high.

So, if I didn’t have the Futurepump, I think I wouldn’t be here now in the dry season because it is already too hot. But with the Futurepump now I know I will harvest something good.”